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Model Review Checklist
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Executing Activity Diagrams

This is a simple Rhapsody model providing 4 different executable activity diagrams, each with their own component. Note that this model works with Rhapsody 8.2.1 or later, but you might not be able to load it with older versions of Rhapsody. Also be aware that this was compiled with Cygwin C++. If you're using a different compiler, you'll need to modify the component configurations.

Heading 1

Handoff Profile

This Rhapsody profile contains tables, stereotypes and other elements to facilitate the hand off from systems to downstream engineering.

Dependability Profile

This Rhapsody profile supports safety, reliability, and security analysis.

Harmony aMBSE Deskbook 

This zip file contains the models from the Harmony aMBSE Deskbook (available in the Papers section)

Dropbox Files

This is "published RMC process content" meaning that when you unzip the file, a directory will be created with lots of sub-directories and files. To start at the main page, simply double click on the index.htm file in the created directory. 

You can then browse the material by clicking on links on the pages or in the browser on the left. 


Older Models

Note: Models from other books are available in the Members Page

Models from Real-Time Agility book

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