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Mar 7, 2018

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This forum is intended to be a place for folks to discuss Rhapsody usage, concerns, issues, and questions. This is not meant to replace technical support but hopefully a place where people can share ideas and raise questions.

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  • Hi Bruce, please can you provide the models of roadrunner Intersection Controller described in "Real-time UML Workshop for Embedded Systems", too? Thank you! Best regards Matthias
  • Hello! I am quite new to SysML and Rhapsody and I am trying to figure out how to use the compact single black-diamond notation used in figure D. 18 of the SysML 1.4 standard : When I create the corresponding diagram in Rhapsody there will be one black diamond per directed composition: Also, I am reading in A Practical Guide to SysML p121 that A shorthand notation can be used to represent a block that has many composite associations by showing a single black diamond with a series of lines connecting to the part ends of each composite association Do anyone know if this is possible to do in Rhapsody? Many thanks in advance!
  • Dear Bruce, I realized that there is a difference between native dependecies with stereotype "trace" and trace relation between Requirements and UseCases. Both appearing different in the model repository and behave different in queries. In Rhapsody I can change both with change to "dependency " or "trace". I work on object model diagrams with UML profile. Can you explain the difference, because I have trouble with queries and matrix layouts then? By the way: I realized that you use different stereotype as relation between use cases and requirement: trace vs. allocate vs. satisfy Thank you! Best regards Matthias