Real-Time Agile Systems and Software Development

You've found yourself on, my web site on all things real-time and embedded.

On this site you will find papers, presentations, models, forums for questions / discussions, and links (lots of links) to areas of interest, such as

  • Developing Embedded Software

  • Model-Driven Development for Real-Time Systems

  • Model-Based Systems Engineering

  • Safety Analysis and Design

  • Agile Methods for Embedded Software

  • Agile Methods for Systems Engineering

  • The Harmony agile Model-Based Systems Engineering process

  • The Harmony agile Embedded Software Development process

  • Models and profiles I've developed and authored

  • List and links to many of my books.

The menu at the top of each page either takes you to the relevant page or to a list of relevant pages.

There is even a members only site for those who want to access to even more stuff. I teach and consult on all these topics - see my Services page.

Policy on Using These Materials

All materials on this web site are free for reuse and distribution, provided their source (me or this web site) is appropriately attributed. I retain sole copyright.

About Bruce

Embedded Software Methodologist. Ironman triathlete. Systems engineer. Ultramarathon cyclist.  Contributor to UML and SysML specifications. Writer. Black Belt. Neuroscientist. Classical guitarist. Bruce Powel  Douglass, who has a doctorate in neurocybernetics from the USD Medical School, has over 35 years of experience developing safety-critical real-time applications in a variety of hard real-time environments. He is the author of over 6000 book pages from a number of technical books including Agile Systems Engineering, Real-Time UML, Real-Time UML Workshop for Embedded Systems, Real-Time Design Patterns, Doing Hard Time,  Real-Time Agility, and Design Patterns for Embedded Systems in C.  He has contributed to a number of standards including the UML, SysML, UML Profile for Schedulability, Performance and Time, UML Fault Tree Analysis Profile, and the UML Dependability Profile. He can be followed on Twitter @IronmanBruce, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Bruce Powel Douglass, Ph.D.


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